Miss Irish Rose

One day the little drummer girl grew up to become a beautiful, princess.  Sooo beautiful, mind you, that in 1990 the Irish-American Society crowned her Miss Irish Rose.  From then on, this sprightly Colleen could shake her pretty, red curls and dance the Polka to her heart's content at festivals, picnics, parades, and, of course, St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  Only, the Irish don't call their music a Polka, they call it a jig... a hornpipe.....or a reel.  But, no matter, to Linda the important thing in life is having fun, meeting people, and dancing the _________  (I'll let you fill in the blank.  Polka music has so many names).

As you can tell, Linda, like her sister, Teresa, is a Polka lady.  At eight years old, she had her own Polka band.  At ten years old, she had her own Polka radio show.  At twelve years old, she and her band debuted on the Bandwagon television show.  At 16, she became Miss Irish Rose.

Today, at the university, she still finds time to attend an Oktoberfest, a St. Paddies Day, or, if she's really lucky, a Polish wedding.

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Did you know that Little Linda was runner up to the International Polka Queen?