The Morristown Kids Polka Band

Are these happy children the world's first elementary school classroom Polka Band?  Whatever the answer, no one can deny, they're fun and they're talented.  For thirty years, the Minnesota Kids made a name for themselves throughout the state by performing in Memorial Day parades, Country Clubs, Garbage Men's Ball, Rest Homes, Grandparents' Day, Malls, Ballrooms, Fourth of July celebrations, for the Minnesota Senate, and for three Minnesota governors. One governor, Rudy Perpich, said, "I wish all America could hear these children sing."

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Not only do these children love to sing, dance, and play music, they also like to perform extraordinary feats, such as, winning the National Social Studies Olympiads with the highest score ever recorded, producing awesome record albums about their state, publishing Minnesota's first elementary school newspaper, building 13 foot tall Paul Bunyan robots, singing and dancing into the hearts of everyone in Steele, Rice, Waseca counties and even to the State Capitol.

Then, after a cookie and milk break, they begin building castles, catapults, cross bows, and battle axes for handsome knights in cardboard armor to rescue damsels in distress. Or, making Halloween shows so scary that high school girls scream hysterically for their mothers.

But, best of all when snowflakes fall and sleigh bells ring, they begin, like Santa's merry elves, transforming their humble classroom into a Christmas wonderland of music, lights, decorations, peace and joy.

In a word or two, these intelligent, talented, well behaved children are the proverbial teacher's dream.  In thirty exciting years, they worked and conducted themselves to a standard for which their teachers, their school, and their community can be proud.

Frankenstein Comes To School


Ach, Du Lieber Augustine
Polish/Czech Dance

Paul Bunyan, The 13 Foot Tall Robot



Singing on KDHL radio



Knights Of Old

The Garbage Man's Ball 1969





Our First Record Album 1972



Our Second Record Album 1976




National Social Studies Olympiads

The Best School Patrol In The State Of Minnesota






Morristown Public School



Would you believe this little school had 12 grades?

Elementary was on the 1st floor.  High School on the 2nd.

And, Kindergarten was in the basement, under 6th Grade.

6th Grade is the room with the ladder by the window.

We used the ladder to decorate our windows for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day,

The business classroom was above the 6th Grade.

The business teacher loved our music, parties, and rousing good times. 

Sometimes, he'd stomp his foot to the music.  

Sometimes, he'd use a broom handle.

Sometimes, he'd come down and comment about our singing and dancing.

Sometimes he'd say that he was going to tell the superintendent about the good times we were having.

But, for some reason, he never did.

I guess he wanted to keep it all for himself.

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  • game of Boogie Ball

  • horse race

  • toe pickup relay




During the school year, students gave speeches. 

Here are a few





Parliamentary Procedure

Telephone Calls: Local,  Long Distance

Fairy Tale

Puppet Show

Halloween Show


High School Teacher