The New Polka

 The “full beat” of Polka/ March music exists in the real world as the physical action of walking, running, marching, or biking. Any physical event wherein the the person rhythmically picks it up and puts it down. We can see this action at a Polka dance when people promenade, two-by-two.  A song that typifies this aspect of Polka music is the beginning of Ferry Boat Polka.

Unfortunately, our present perception and application of Polka music is archaic. These perceptions are the main reason Polka music is labeled “Old Time”.

 Therefore, to upgrade our music I have created a new perception and application for Polka music. I theorize that the inherent idea of marching makes Polka music one of the most powerful cultural forces in the world.

 It is powerful because people who march always march as a community.  And, a marching community is always heroic, disciplined, orderly, moral, God fearing, family loving and patriotic.

Furthermore, a marching community is always ready to defend their way of life.

From this new perception of Polka music, I theorize that if Polka musicians and promoters would focus their songs and festivals on God, family and country, they will have a major influence upon society in the millennium. For example, Henny and the Versa J’s Mother’s Hands, Lenny Gomulka's God Bless This Music, and Dick Pillar's Tribute To America are beautiful and inspring songs.

Additionally, another powerful idea inherent in Polka music is the notion that Polka music is happy music.  People believe that when they dance, sing, or listen to Polka music, they will become happy.

I like that idea very much because it is good and true (see The Six Reasons).  However, if Polka musicians and Polka promoters take the idea of happiness one step further and include love for God, family and country in their music, they will fill people with absolute joy because God, family and country are absolute truth and absolute good.

To conclude this report I want everyone, especially, Polka musicians and Polka promoters to fill in the blanks of the following song:

" I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy deep in my heart, deep in my heart, deep in my heart.  I’ve got that love, love, love, love, deep in my heart, deep in my heart for _______, ________, ________”

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