What makes you think Polka is the only music there is?  Just because you like it doesn't mean that everyone else does.  And, where did you get the idea that only Polka music can sing about God, family, and country.  Some of the greatest songs ever written about God have nothing at all to do with Polka music.

Thank you for your question.  To begin, I will tell you an amazing fact, explain it, and in the process, answer your question.

The Polka beat is the beat of modern civilization.
Without the Polka beat modern civilizations and the universe would collapse.

To understand this revolutionary idea you need to know that the Polka beat is simply, one... two.  Or, more precisely, it is 0...1.   Mathematicians would call it a binary beat.

You see, when humans walk, march or run, the leg becomes a pendulum.  It moves forward and back to its starting point, or 1, 0.  And, when humans walk, march, or run at a fixed pace they use the binary beat.  In other words, two beats of equal duration.

Now, the binary beat is all around us.  It is the beat of all social, economic, ecological systems.  In fact, it is the fundamental beat of the universe.  The progression and recession of planets around their star.  The contraction and expansion of stars, such as, Pulsars.  When you drop a rubber ball, it bounces down and up.  The difference between the binary beat of nature and civilization is that in nature gravity diminishes the beat until the ball stops.  In civilization, humans fix the beat.  If people thought a bouncing rubber ball was useful, they could make it bounce up and down indefinitely.

Modern civilizations use the binary beat to measure, sequence, align, transmit and create power.

One of the first people in recorded history to use the binary beat were the Greeks.  They used it as a timing device to align their new tactical weapon, the phalanx.  The Greeks called their new invention the March.  In fact, the March is Polka music's big brother.

Then, as civilization advanced, people used the binary beat to create clocks, radio, television, computers, internal combustion engines, pulse jet engines, and electric motors.  These inventions are the muscle, heart, and brain of modern civilization.

  • clocks (binary mechanical oscillators) to measure time,
  • radio, television (binary electronic oscillators) to generate RF frequencies, and
  • computers (binary electronic oscillators) to sequence data processing,
  • internal combustion and pulse jet engines (binary mechanical oscillators) to create mechanical power.
  • electric motor (binary electromechanical commutator)
  • Once again, all of these inventions were created by human intelligence using two pulses for a fixed duration, or the binary beat.  Remove any one of these inventions, and modern civilization will collapse.

    To explain the binary nature of these inventions let's examine radio waves.

    Every radio station has an electronic device called an oscillator.  This device creates an electrical current that races up and down a long wire inside a radio tower.  Now, accordion to Michael Faraday, if an electrical current moves inside a wire, the wire becomes a magnet.  James Maxwell theorized that if we move the current back and forth inside the wire fast enough, we can broadcast this magnetic force over great distances.  Heinrich Hertz proved Maxwell's theory.  Marconi broadcast the human voice across the Atlantic ocean.

    Up, down... tick, tock... combustion, exhaust...  attract, repel.... one, two.... 0, 1... Let's Polka... let's March.

    Now, to answer your question.   You are right.  The context of my web site does give visitors the false impression that I think Polka music is the only music that is enjoyable.   Also, they could believe that Polka music is the only music that can sing about God, family, and country.   I apologize for that false impression.   Nevertheless, what I do want to say is that Polka/ March music has the ability to inspire heroic sentiments for God, family, country.  The keyword is heroic.  Heroic means that Polka/ March music can inspire people to sacrifice everything, even their life, for those ideals.

    There are two reasons for this phenomena.

    First, the binary beat is one of the most powerful and most fundamental beats in human experience and, therefore, to the human psyche.  Indeed, I know people who find the ticking of a Grandfather clock soothing.  Another person told me that one of the most relaxing trips they ever took was a trip down the Mississippi river on a paddle wheel boat.  He said they slept near the engine room and the rhythmic pulsing of the steam engine put him to sleep.  Obviously, these people are genetic Polka people.

    Second, our military and governmental institutions continue the Greek tradition of marching and singing heroic songs.

    Fortunately, like so many things we inherited from the Greeks, they correctly prioritized their moral ideals for their citizen soldiers.  You see, in the human system of what is good, true, and beautiful for the individual and for society, God, family, and country are absolute moral values.

    Therefore, as long as people walk, run, or march at a fixed pace.  As long as they worship God, love their families and are loyal to their country.   Then, Polka/ March music will be the primary beat to inspire heroic sentiment.

    Because my answer to Tom contains a theory that defines Polka's place in the universe, the reader might find the story surrounding its discovery interesting.

    I was kneeling at midnight mass, Christmas eve, 1999, when the inspiration came to me.  I wasn't even thinking about Polka music.  The idea was just, all of a sudden, there.  I turned to my son and said, "I've got it!  I know what Polka is!  I know how it fits in the universe!"  Afterwards, as we drove home, I explained it to him.

    Significantly, all the knowledge that came together on Christmas eve began when I switched from teaching high school in New Jersey to teaching little children in rural Minnesota.  I owe those children and that school more than words can say.

    For more discussion of the amazing binary beat click  HERE

    Where did you get the idea for this web site?

    Actually, I got the idea in January of 1999.   But, since I didn't know HTML, I submitted it to all of the people who had popular Polka Web sites.  I told them they would receive thousands of hits if they did.  Only one person, Steve Litwin, responded to my idea.  He indicated that he was swamped.  However, he thought I had a good idea and suggested that I create the site myself.   He reassured me that HTML was not rocket science.  But, at the time, it was Greek to me.

    And, Greek it remained until July of 1999.  That's when I injured my knee in a biking accident and was grounded for 6 weeks.  So, with nothing to do, I decided to learn HTML and produce this web site.  The first 4 days were as painful as my knee.   If I had my drathers, I would have been biking or playing volleyball at the beach.

    Then, on the 5th day I caught on.  And, by the 10th day, I can truthfully say, Steve was right:  It's not rocket science.  In fact, it's really quite simple.

    However, as I "got into it", as they say, I began to get big ideas.  I soon realized that this web site could be a wonderful vehicle for promoting, not only Polka music on the Internet, but also an inexpensive way to publish my ideas.  Now, all  I have to do is tell people my new ideas and hand them a card with my web site.  The web site explains everything.

    Besides passing out cards, I also take out display ads that will run through the Millennium in major universities, such as, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, West Point Academy, Notre Dame University, Southern Methodist University, Brigham Young University, to name a few.  Also, I have submitted this web site to 6 military search engines and web sites, as well as,  9 Christian search engines and web sites.  I've also submitted it to all the regular web search engines and web sites.

    If my theory is correct and God blesses it, things should start happening, real soon.  Many of the places where I've placed ads represent the finest young men and women in the world.  I firmly believe they will understand and endorse my theory, immediately.

    If you're not sure what this web site is about, go back to the Home Page and read

    Oh, and by the way, thanks to Steve Litwin and thousands like him, this web site is receiving over 6,000 hits a week.  I expect that number to explode in the Millennium.

    To accelerate downloading, this web site is commercial free.

    If you believe in my Polka/ March theory, feel free to support and advise this web site in any way.   One of my goals is to place a newspaper ad in every country around the world.  With your help and support that is an exciting possibility.  Perhaps, I'll start with the Norwegian Daily Snoose.  I'll betcha their rates are darn reasonable, by golly.