The International  Polka Queen

On August 4, 1991, the International Polka Association crowned Teresa Raichle
The International Polka Queen.  And, a dream came true for the small town girl from Minnesota.  From the time she could clap her hands and tap her feet, Polka music was part of her life.  Now, she was queen of the music she loved.  She could dance and represent her music at festivals as far away as Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and back to the Midwest. "Nineteen ninety-one was the greatest year of my life," she would exclaim.

And, it probably was, until she met Bernie Koslosky, the "Polish boy friend" of her childhood song.  They were married in a story book wedding and have a robust son, Stanley, who not only is cute but, would you believe, loves Polka music above all others.

Today, she might tell you that her greatest moment happens "every day of my life".

But, wait!  Don't click away.  That was her side of the story.  Now, we'll tell you ours.

If Teresa had never become the Polka Queen she would always be one to our family.  Polka music truly is a part of her life.  When she was a child, she sang and played trumpet in our family band.  She had her own Polka radio show.  She and her brother, Kurt, were runner up in the Minnesota State Polka Dancing Contest.  And, when we biked over to visit her working at the Mayo Clinic, she always had the happiest music filling her apartment.

And, yes, in high school, at the end of a busy day, she did lull herself to sleep with Polka music or Vera Lynn.  And, yes, the sweet voices of the Langer sisters singing Polish Boy Friend Polka  was probably the last song she heard before slipping off into dream land.

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Did you know that Little Linda was the runner up in 1990?