My Good,My Truest Friend

Ten years from now, we all agree,

Your best friend will be Raich-l-e,

Great oaks from little acorns grow,

A Raichle child does this also.

The little hand that holds your hand,

Ten years from now, could lead our band.

A Raichle child thinks just like you;

Is Spartan bodied, strong and true.

They love to run, to dance and sing,

In fact, they love most ev'rything.

And, when they've all grown up, you'll be

Quite proud that they're your family.


So, let these words, from long ago,

Be in your heart where e'er you go,

"A Raichle is my dearest friend;

My fondest mem'ries spent with them;

My love for them will never end;

They are my good, my truest friend."

Heroes are governed by the sentiments of God, family, and country.

To each sentiment, Heroes ask not, "What can my family do for me?"

But, rather, they ask, "What can I do for my family?"

In that light, heroes relate to the world and the people around them.

Heroes believe that God, family, and country are the reasons

for their happiness in this world and in the next.